Transparency & Accessibility

Our schools are essential parts of our community so they must be designed with our community. We must begin to create a true relationship between the community and our schools, one where our schools are open to input from our parents and stakeholders. Our school district must be completely transparent and accessible to the community, with disaggregated data that can lead us to pointed solutions and updated services that are not burdens on the community.

In order to create an inclusive school system, we must begin to redefine the relationships that exist between our schools and the community. Moving forward, we must unite our parents, caregivers, teachers, students, and stakeholders together to create schools that fully address the necessities of the community. Our schools, and the county-wide systems that support them, must be fully accountable to our community if they will truly serve it. Our school system, from every level from individual schools to the district, must begin to work with the community and not simply for it. However, if we aim to create this new system of cooperation, we must begin by revitalizing the input methods that allow communication between the district, board member, and community.

The current systems provided to the community to allow communication with the district are ineffective, inefficient, and insufficient. It is fundamentally the district’s responsibility to provide the community with methods to provide opinions and experiences, and the burden should not be placed on the parent to navigate outdated systems and difficult pathways. In order to remove these barriers, we must begin by updating and improving the Miami-Dade County Public Schools website. The current website’s user interface is not only dated, but also needlessly difficult to navigate. The website must be redesigned to communicate necessary information in a modern and easy-to-access manner. Furthermore, the newer website should be equally accessible for mobile devices, which serve as a key point of internet access. In addition, the District 9 website should be similarly improved to allow easier access to key information. Both of these newer websites should make contact information accessible and allow for forms for easy input from the community, ensuring that the District remains accountable to the people.
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