Expanding Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides a much needed form of curriculum in our schools. For many students, the hands-on and applicable coursework provides a direct pathway to good paying jobs. Ultimately, education should serve to fight the trends of intergenerational poverty and empower our students to obtain careers they enjoy, and CTE serves as the embodiment of these goals. Career and Technical Education serves to expand the skills retained by our students, ensuring that they enter the workplace and their lives fully prepared to excel to their fullest potential. Since CTE provides such needed skills to our students, we must fully support the CTE program.

We must begin by providing our CTE instructors with the full range of resources needed in order to teach the curriculum to the best of their abilities. By providing our instructors with every available resource, we in turn provide our students with the opportunities they need to succeed in the program and in their lives. Furthermore, we must expand the current scope of Career and Technical Education, allowing it to be more accessible across schools. By implementing CTE curriculum and opportunities in more schools, students will then have the ability to gain the valuable resources provided by the program. By creating well coordinated and staffed programs district wide, our students will be supplied with the options that will allow them to chart their path to success.

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